Frequent Asked Questions
General Questions
What is Summoners On The Rift?
Our website is currently in Beta Version.
The idea behind Summoners On The Rift is to find out your personal League Of Legends stats per champion and role and determine which is your best champion or also helping you find a new 'main'.
Why another stat page?
Most pages focus around ranked stats and provide almost no information about normals, so are useless when trying to expand your champion pool (Unless you decide to try new champions in ranked :) ).
Why so many stats? What's wrong with KDA and Winrate?
Getting to know which are your best champions or who could be your next main is not that simple.KDA and winrate are actually not that useful when you have only played with a champion a dozen of times.
With more stats you can judge if you are doing better or worse than the average with a certain champion and role; and also compare those values with your other champions in that role.
Which queues do count? Why mix ranked and normals?
Team Builder, Normal (Blind and Draft) and Ranked (Solo and Team) games here. All standard games on Summoner's Rift.
This is not a ranked-only stats site, so you should take it into account how do you play to decide how accurate and useful the stats are. Anyway, you can also get the stats of your last games per queue using the 'Last Matches On The Rift' on your summoner's page.
We also provide you some other (useless?) stats, like winrate per patch, per champion faction or per pick order. Why? Because we can.
So this site will tell me how good am I with X champion?
Short answer: No. Long answer: There are many ways to win a League of Legends game, and some may go against the numbers, like perma-split-pushing. Getting fed does not guarantee a victory the same way that a few victories does not prove skill. Of course killing every enemy, dealing tons of damage, warding all the map and getting loads of gold are usually achieved with good skills, but keep in mind that there are also countless skills that are not reflected in the stats: shotcalling, dodging (both games and skillshots :) ), map awareness... More on this, later.
How does champion role categorization work?
In Summoners On The Rift, roles are based on champion's build and playstyle. Our 6 roles can be divided in 2 categories:.
  • Laners: whose main source of income comes from farming minions (or champions :) ) in 'their' lane.
    • ADC: (AD Carry) Ranged champions that build Attack Damage items. Their main goal is to try to deal the highest amount of DPS (Damage Per Second) while staying safe (Hit 'n run / kiting their enemies).
    • Mage: Ranged or melee champions that build tons of Ability Power. They usually excel at bursting from distance or AOE (Area Of Effect) damage, but not always.
    • Figther: Melee champions either off-tank (either AD-tank or AP-tank) or full tank. They usually jump into a fight trying to disrupt the enemy team.
    • Assassin: Champions that specialize in sneakily killing the squishiest champions using their high burst and high mobility. This role is restricted to a concrete list of champions and buils, so even if a champion on this list buils tanky items may be given other role instead:
      AD or AP Rengar, AD or AP Shaco, AD or AP Akali, AD Kha'Zix, AD Talon, AD Zed, AD Yasuo, AD Riven, AP Kassadin, AP Fizz, AP Katarina, AP Le Blanc, AP Nidalee, AP Diana and AP Ekko.
  • Non-Laners:
    • Jungler: Champions that control and farm the jungle instead of being in a lane.
    • Support: Champions that build support items (Sightstone or Gold generation items) and do not take farm. If a champion starts Doran's Ring and do not buy a Sightstone, would probably be considered a mage instead of a support.
The lane chosen by the player (bot, mid or top) does NOT influence the role categorization. As an example, 'Varus mid' and 'Varus bot' will both considered as 'ADC', regardless if he played with a support in his lane or not.
How are roles calculated?
Roles are calculated based on the champion's final build, minions farmed, jungle monsters farmed, if the summoner had Smite as summoner spell, if the summoner had a Sightstone or a support gold generation item, and the estimated role by Riot.
Why isn't there a Tank role?
Our intention using roles to categorize champions is to differentiate skill by playstyles, but at the same time we didn't want to have many categories. We have not included a Tank role because it would be the most underplayed role and its data would be really unreliable. Tanks would have worse stats because players who are losing usually tend to build tanky items.
Also, it's very unclear to set a limit between full-tank and off-tank builds, so we decided to keep Fighters and Tanks together because most of the times both want to disrupt the enemy team while trying to survive as long as possible.
Why only certain champions can be considered assassins? What about Evelynn or Yi?
Unlike tanks and off-tanks, assassins want to deal their damage as fast as possible before getting focused.
We used Kassadin, Riven, Yasuo, Evelynn, Tryndamere and Master Yi to draw the border between fighters and assasins.
Even if not as bursty as other assasins, we consider Kassadin, Riven and Yasuo assassins because of they high mobilty and their high outplay and chase potential.
Evelynn is not considered an assasin because when she comes out of her stealth she's closer to a figther than to an assasin as she's more about DPS and less about burst.
Conversely, even if Tryndramere and Yi can '3-shot' a squishy enemy like Yasuo, both have less tools to outplay them, relying more on their auto-attacks than Yasuo.
Nevertheless, we categorize champion's playstyle under equals conditions. Most champions can 100-0 a squishy when super-fed ;).
How does the ranged/melee categorization affect Elise, Nidalee, Gnar, Kayle and Jayce?
First, the range/melee is only used in case of building Attack Damage. Champions that can be considered Fighters cannot be considered ADC and viceversa.
AD Elise, AD Nidalee and AD Gnar are considered Figthers while AD Kayle and AD Jayce are considered AD Carries: Kayle's kit is better for kiting enemies than jumping into them, while Jayce's playstyle is closer to Quinn's.
Champions Per Role page, Carry Points and Role Leistung.
What are the Carry Points?
The Carry Points are calculated based on the Kill Participation, Damage Participation, Gold Per Minute gained and Wards placed or destroyed.
It's is NOT adjusted by role and it's NOT adjusted around any value, so it's normal for carries (ADCs and Mages) to have the greater values but can be used to measure and compare how hard a champion carried in terms of combat stats, instead of looking to those 4 stats individually.
What is the Role Leistung?
The Role Leistung is the main Summoners On The Rift score.
The following stats may influence the formula (depending on the role):
  • Creeps per minute (CS per minute. Farm)
  • Gold per minute
  • Wards placed and destroyed
  • Dragons and Baron Nashors killed by the team
  • Turrets and Inhibitors destroyed by the team
  • Level Ratio
  • Kill Contribution
  • Damage Contribution
  • KDA
  • Deaths per minute (as a penalty)
Most of these values are taken as 'ratios': They are compared with the average values for the champion and role in the last patches.The final value is adjusted to be slightly over 50 for an average perfomance with that champion and role.
The formula varies per role. For example, ADCs get bonus points the better they farm while supports get bonus points for vision control.
What is the Handicap?
The Handicap is a value that modifies the Role Leistung.
It's based on the final gold difference between teams; adjusted if there were any AFK.Handicap balances role leistung, helping players with good stats to get higher Role Leistung even if his/her team was behind, and reduces snowball when the player got good stats when his/her team was ahead (maybe carrying him/her?).
Does Role Leistung measure my skill? Can I use it to compare me with any other players?
No, you should not use Role Leistung to blindly compare with other players.
First, keep in mind that there are tons of things that we can't measure: objetive control, ability to dodge skillshots, ability to hit them, map awareness, positioning in teamfights, split-pushing strategies...
Some stats used to calculate the Role Leistung are relative to your team, and are heavily influenced by the game matchmaking.
For instance, in a ranked game a Challenger player would need better stats to get 60 Role Leistung points than a Bronze player; and also his/her enemies should make it harder to get good numbers; but at the same time a Bronze player with 60 Role Leistung points is statistically more likely to win his game.
The idea behind Role Leistung is to use it to compare your own champions per role.
You can still compare with other playeres but keep in mind that your own personal playstyle and MMR will affect your stats.
Leistung? Erfahrung? Bist du Deutsch?
Nein, aber ich fand die Worten eleganter als 'Perfomance' und 'Experience' :D.
Where are preseasons?
Pre-Seasons are considered part of the next season. Therefore, PreSeason 6 stats already count as Season 6 stats.
Ratios and global data
How are stats per minute measured?
Most stats per minute are measured since jungle camps spawn and / or the first wave of minions clash.
Monsters per minute are calculated since they spawn and the value is limited by they respawn time.
For instance, if Baron Nashor spawns at minute 20 and respawns every 7 minutes; killing him once in a game between 20 and 27 minutes long will give a value of 1.0/7.0 Nashors per minute.
Context when evaluating ratios
Ratios are evaluated comparing with the average stats for the same champion and role in the last patches.
Kill and Damage ratios are based on kill participation and damage participation so they don't favour 'suicidal' playstyles, and all others are based the absolute individual stats. Wards per minute value is capped
What happens with uncommon picks?
When we don't have enough data; like playing off-meta champions like Ahri ADC; the stats are compared using an the average stats of all champions in that role.
What's the source of the Global Data?
Global Data is taken form the users of the web, plus a base of semi-random level 30 summoners of ANY level.