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You can write us to summonersontherift@gmail.com

Last important changes:

2017/02/09: Bugfixes
2016/11/20: Ranked Solo and more spanish
2016/11/09: Ranked Flex queue.
2016/11/02: Web Server improvements and feedback button.
2016/10/22: Personal summoner records and fixes.
2016/10/11: More improvements and fixing bugs with rematches.
2016/10/02: Ivern and database improvements.
2016/09/26: All Random URF.
2016/08/18: Several fixes and improvements.
2016/07/20: SIEGE mode and several internal improvements and fixes.
2016/06/15: ARAM changes, achievemetns bugfixes and several internal adjustments.
2016/05/19: Taliyah. Adding global winrate and synergy to items, summoner spells and keystone masteries pages.
2016/05/06: Generating match ratios for non-standard game modes like ARAM. Items, Summoner Spells and Keystone Masteries global pages
2016/05/03: Faster Javascript in tables. Champion Usage changes.
2016/04/29: Several style changes on graphics
2016/04/28: Pages: Pages and region champions popularity changed. Global winrate weight in watchlists
2016/04/22: Match details: Playstyle per team. Also, now using data from the last 3 versions instead of 5 as 'current'.
2016/04/21: Internal optimizations.
2016/04/06: Japan region. Spanish language. More about users.
2016/03/30: 'Update summoner' bugfix :(! Users: Menu. Improvements on champions usage. Champions usage now displays on 'All matches' page.
2016/03/23: Aurelion Sol. Statid Data 6.6 bufgix. Users: Registration, summoners and login. Champion Mastery bufgix.